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Catherine Butcher

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Catherine Butcher has worked as a writer and editor since graduating in Government & Modern History in 1981. Current affairs has been a life-long interest but her passion has always been to bring faith-building stories of the unsung to a wider audience. She trained as a newspaper journalist and has focused on magazine feature-writing while editing a number of local, national and international publications including the magazines: Free for All, First Choice, Woman Alive, Renewal and The Christian Counsellor.

She has edited the Bible reading fellowship’s devotional series Day by Day with God since 2003.

She became Acting Editor of Home & Family - the Mothers’ Union magazine - in 2007 and launched Families First Magazine for Mothers’ Union in 2008. Families First is Britain’s bestselling Christian magazine and aims to encourage strong marriages, good parenting and active faith.

During home-based years bringing up small children she has chaired a local charity, run a women’s breakfast club and served as a school governor. She gained a Masters degree in Spirituality from the University of London in 2005.

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How long have you been involved in editing Day by Day with God?

I've been editing Day by Day with God since 2003.

How did you come to be editing Day by Day with God?

The literary legend Edward England, who started Christina Press, was an occasional visitor to the Eastbourne community centre where I ran a Mums & Toddlers group. I think he came to collect his wife from her art class. Our paths had crossed briefly as I had been an editor on Renewal magazine, which he launched, but I don’t think we’d ever had a conversation. One day he approached me and said that Day by Day with God needed a new editor, could he recommend me? It came right out of the blue. I’ve always loved the Bible and was working freelance from home while my children were small, so I was thrilled to be asked.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

On the practical side - meeting deadlines is always a challenge. Also I tend to like working through the whole Bible - even the lists and laws - whereas many readers seem to prefer us to follow themes. But making sure that the words speak into women’s daily lives is the most challenging task - and one that only God can do. I just sit back and watch as God prompts different contributors to write in different ways that he weaves together into a whole, often with a theme emerging that has nothing to do with my commissioning.

I want the words in Day by Day with God to come to life in people’s lives, helping them to grow closer to Jesus. Obviously I want women to learn more about the Bible and what it teaches, but more than that, I want the words to touch readers' hearts and to make a difference to the way they live.

What has been the most encouraging part of your work?

Some readers write in to share how God has ministered to them as they've read the Bible and used the notes. I'm always amazed and encouraged at the way God uses Day by Day with God to speak into the specific circumstances of readers' lives. Often people say 'It's as if it was written just for me!' That's God at work, which is wonderful.

Books by Catherine Butcher

In addition to Day by Day with God, Catherine Butcher has written several books. The full list is below:




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