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Day by Day with God contributors

Beryl Adamsbaum, wife, mother and grandmother, a former language teacher living on the border of France and Switzerland, has ministry opportunities in both countries. She has had five books published.

Diana Archer works as a freelance writer, editor and theologian. She runs, a charity set up to help people break free from eating disorders. The Tastelife course includes support for carers too, and is available to buy.

Fiona Barnard is a TEFL teacher and staff member of Friends International. She works with international students, encouraging local Christians to reach out in friendship and witness.

Celia Bowring has always worked alongside her husband Lyndon in pastoral ministry and, since 1983, at CARE, focusing especially on writing prayer resources and other publications. They love living in London and have two grown-up sons and one daughter.

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer and editor living in North London. She is writing her first book, tentatively entitled Beloved Am I. An American by birth, she delights in all things British, especially her husband and children.

Wendy Bray was, until recently, a full-time writer and speaker. However, for the time being, most of her writing is in essay form, as she is currently an ordinand in training for Anglican ministry. Wendy is married to Richard and has two adult children.

Catherine Butcher has edited Day by Day with God from 2003 to 2015. She loves using words to help Christians grow spiritually and put faith into practice. She and her husband Adrian have two teenage children and live in Sussex.

Lyndall Bywater lives in Canterbury with her husband, her housemate, her assorted guide dogs and a cat. She is passionate about prayer: writing about it, promoting it and training people in it.

Anita Cleverly has been in church leadership for 30 years. She loves church, people and prayer, and has written about them all in her book Destiny's Children. She and Charlie have four married children and eight grandchildren so far.

Anne Coomes is editor of, a resource website for church magazine editors. She writes books for LionHudson and is a Reader at Holy Trinity, Hurdsfield, near Macclesfield.

Heather Coupland loves working alongside her husband, who is a vicar in Kingston-upon-Thames. Her passions are mums-and-toddlers groups, ministry to women, going on retreat and spending time with her daughter.

Molly Dow, a retired bishop's wife, grandmother of seven, and Anglican Reader, has produced courses on prayer and spirituality, written Mountains and Molehills and, with her husband, co-written When He Comes.

Jane Grayshon, a midwife, mother and vicar's wife, is a popular speaker and writer of nine books including her bestselling autobiography and, most recently, a poignant book that sheds light on a child's experience of abuse (

Rosemary Green is active in her local church, in which she leads a pastoral care team. She has four children and 14 grandchildren.

Lucinda van der Hart is a journalist and mum to two toddlers. She has written The Pregnancy Book: Spiritual and emotional survival for first-time parents (IVP, 2010), and a year-long devotional for mothers with babies, Soul Food for Mums (IVP, 2011). Lucinda runs a support group for mums in her church.

Liz Holden loves discipling younger women in her own church and in her travels with her husband, serving Newfrontiers churches worldwide. She is enjoying life as a grandmother to five girls.

Margaret Killingray is a part-time member of the faculty at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. She is married to a retired history professor and they have eight grandchildren.

Caroline Kimber lives in Eastbourne and shares the home of a friend and a cat called Finn. She attends a community church and is part of the prayer and pastoral teams.

Anne Le Tissier regularly writers to teach and encourage Christians but is aslo trying ot establish herself as a writer in the secular world, with a passion to bring the reality of faith to readers with apathetic, cynical or atheist views. Anne also teaches wine appreciation and plays sax, flute, piano and bodhran.

Chris Leonard lives in Surrey with her husband. With two children recently married, she remains busy leading creative writing courses and holidays. Her 20th book was published in August 2013.

Sylvia Mandeville and her husband have been visiting believers in Central Asia for 15 years and seen the development of cruel persecution there. She is working on a series of Bible-based books for their children, illustrated by their own professional artists and distributed by them at great risk.

Michele Morrison is a freelance writer. She is published frequently in Woman Alive and has written three books. She moved from California to Scotland when she married, and has four grown-up children.

Liz Pacey is a Reader in the Church of England and works as a freelance writer and speaker. She is a compulsive knitter and runs courses exploring the links between knitting and spirituality.

Christine Platt spent ten years with The Navigators in West Africa, involved in evangelism and discipleship. She now enjoys working as a freelance writer and serving as an elder in her church in New Zealand.

Elaine Pountney coaches Christian leaders to integrate all the pieces of life and to move toward deeper levels of wholeness. Elaine is an international speaker and author, lives in Canada and loves hanging out with family, especially learning from her grandchildren.

Sharon Prior is a freelance trainer, mentor and leadership coach. She is passionate about seeing people, especially women and girls, enter into their God-given potential. She is very involved in her local chuch and likes to cook, read and walk in the Peak District near where she lives.

Wendy Pritchard is married to John, who is Bishop of Oxford. She enjoys supporting John, tending her large garden, visiting her elderly parents and appreciating her four small grandchildren.

Mary Rimmer is a vicar's wife and mother of four - two at university and two at school. She is a regular New Wine seminar speaker and loves watching films, preferably with a bag of Maltesers to hand.

Sue Rinaldi travels internationally as a worship coordinator, singer/songwriter, communicator, creative consultant and trainer. A regular contributor to magazines and Bible reading notes, she has also written a book called Trend.

Abidemi Sanusi is a writer and editor of, an online magazine for Christians who enjoy reading and writing. Her last book, Eyo, was shortlisted for the 2010 Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

Alison Teale works as an administrator in tertiary education and has worked as a freelance writer and translator for 20 years.

Wendy Virgo is married to Terry Virgo who, with his international team, leads Newfrontiers, a family of over 500 churches in over 50 countries. A lot of their time is spent travelling and encouraging these churches. They have five children, all married and involved in ministry.

Ann Warren began her career working with the BBC as a producer and script writer, subsequently training as a pastoral counsellor and life coach. She was a regular contributor to the Church of England Newspaper and has written a number of books.

Jean Watson is a writer, a spiritual director and a director of a local counselling service. Her work has included teaching, editing and writing for different age groups and media - books, magazines, radio and TV.

Sandra Wheatley remains as active as possible, despite the constraints of MS and a wheelchair. She enjoys an extensive prayer ministry and has mastered swimming and praying at the same time!

Tracy Williamson shares a music and teaching ministry with blind gospel singer Marilyn Baker. Although profoundly deaf, Tracy loves to communicate and teaches in workshops and conferences as well as being the author of several books.

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Lyndall Bywater is a freelance writer, trainer and consultant in all things relating to prayer. She lives in Canterbury with her husband.

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