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What is the most exciting journey you have ever been on? Have you travelled to the other side of the world? Or perhaps it was a journey to meet someone special? Journeys are a common theme in the Bible, from the daring escape of the Israelites from Egypt, and their 40 years wandering the desert, to the journeys of the apostles as they began to spread the astonishing good news about Jesus to the communities and countries around them. In this edition of Day by Day with God there is a recurring theme of journeying and life as an adventure with God. We begin with Naomi and Ruth and their physical, emotional and spiritual journey through bereavement to hope, we travel with the early church and the apostle Paul, and we end with Noah's unusual and dramatic voyage through the devastating flood. Our spiritual journeys may not seem as turbulent as some of those we read of in the Bible; nonetheless, we all experience change and movement as God calls us out into adventures with him.

Fiona Barnard begins this set of notes for us, looking at the story of Catherine ButcherRuth - an everyday heroine, an immigrant, a widow and a faithful friend. The story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz is a tale of grief, desperation, redemption and hope. It not only highlights a deep friendship between two 'outsider' women and a blossoming love story, but it also reveals more to us of the heart of God, his practical care for the broken, the lost and the outsider, and it shows us his desire to reach out

to comfort and guide each and every one of us. If you are a regular reader of these notes, you may notice that the Bible version our contributors quote from (for example, 'NIV') has travelled from the top of the page down to the end of the printed Bible passage. This is because we have heard that some readers are concerned that they have to read the passage from the exact version used by each contributor. For copyright reasons, we need to show which translation is being quoted, but you are free to read any version of the Bible you like, whether it's with the wonderful language of the King James or the modern take of The Message. We quote from different versions simply to allow our contributors that same freedom of choice, and also to show a variety of Spirit-breathed scripture. Whichever translation you are reading, allow God to highlight the key words and verses for you, and listen to him speaking to you, calling you into your own adventure and journey with Jesus.

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In this issue:

Ruth and Naomi
1-9 May
Fiona Barnard

Faith as a journey
10-23 May
Michele Morrison

Transformed: the story of Acts
24 May-6 June
Elaine Pountney

7-13 June
Jill Rattle

14-27 June
Alison Teale

Jesus on...
28 June-11 July
Ali Herbert

Living in a war zone: Psalms
12-25 July
Maggie Sandilands

Following God through the hard times: Exodus
26 July-8 August
Sue Rinaldi

Church without walls
9-22 August
Diana Archer

23-31 August
Bridget Plass

About the contributors in this issue:

Fiona Barnard is a TEFL/ESOL teacher and staff member of Friends International. She works with international students, encouraging local Christians to reach out in friendship and evangelism to make disciples.

Michele Morrison is a passionate believer, excited by what God has done and is doing. A freelance writer, she is published frequently in Woman Alive and has written three books. She moved from California to Scotland when she married, and has four grown children.

Elaine Pountney coaches Christian leaders toward spiritual integration. She facilitates workshops on 'Reclaiming the Wonder of Sexuality' and is rolling her sleeves up in a church plant on Vancouver Island.

Jill Rattle is a former secondary headteacher who, for some years, was involved in selecting candidates for ordination training and candidates for naval officer training. Now she exercises a ministry to people seeking spiritual direction.

Alison Teale works as an administrator in tertiary education and has worked as a freelance writer and translator for 20 years.

Ali Herbert is a freelance writer who also works part-time as a church communications manager in Twickenham. She is married to Nick and they have two children, Gracie and Josiah.

Maggie Sandilands is a humanitarian aid worker who has spent the last five years working in Afghanistan and Democratic Republic of Congo. Originally from Scotland, she grew up with three younger siblings and has been searching for a quiet life ever since! She became a Christian at university.

Sue Rinaldi travels internationally as a worship co-ordinator, singer/songwriter, communicator, creative consultant and trainer. A regular contributor to magazines and bible notes, she has also written a book called TREND.

Diana Archer works as a freelance writer, editor and theologian. She runs the charity, which was set up to help people break free from eating disorders.

Bridget Plass trained as an actress and has also worked as a secondary-school teacher, a residential social worker and a facilitator of women's groups. With her husband Adrian, she performs as a speaker and entertainer and she has written three books for BRF. Bridget and Adrian have four children.

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