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The Editor writes

It is a great pleasure for me to bring you this issue of Day by Day with God at the start of 2015!

It’s my privilege to take over as Editor from Catherine Butcher, who has edited these notes for the last decade. Many of us have had our spiritual lives enriched and our journey encouraged because of the thought and prayer that Catherine has poured into these notes over the years, and I should like to thank and honour Catherine for her hard work and for following God’s guiding throughout. There was a special moment for me some months back when Catherine and I met for our ‘handover’. As we prayed, we had a sense of ‘passing on the baton’, which is exciting and, of course, daunting in equal measure. It was quite an emotional moment for us both—very often the case as one season ends and a new season begins.

Catherine Butcher

That brings us to this new season of 2015 and the knowledge of leaving the ‘old’ behind and pressing on into the new. To be honest, some of us will be relieved to have left 2014 behind, with its struggles and painful memories, and others will already be feeling nostalgic. Whichever it is for you, the world continues to turn at 1040 miles an hour (and it feels like it sometimes!) and we can be encouraged that, whatever this year brings, God remains the same: ready to welcome us into his presence and to do the new things he promises. As he says in Revelation, ‘I am making everything new!’ and what a relief and joy it is to know that he continues to do that in our lives! The overall theme of these notes is ‘Living life to the full’—the wonderful promise that Jesus has for us. Whether we are looking at the Psalms or the life of Miriam, the wisdom in Proverbs or the encouragement in 2 Timothy, we see a message from all sides that God is for us and with us, and that he longs for us to know a fullness of life in him. In this new year I am praying that we will each know more and more of the life of Jesus and the power of his Spirit in us. So may I wish you a happy—and life-filled—brand new year!

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In this issue:

Life to the full
1-10 January
Sandra Wheatley

Wisdom from Proverbs
11-17 January
Katy Jack

A lifestyle of worship
18-31 January
Claire Musters

1-14 February
Alie Teale

Led by the Spirit
15-21 February
Annie Kirke

2 Timothy
22-28 February
Jill Rattle

Getting real
1-14 March
Jean Watson

15-21 March
Bola Adamolekun

Coming to the source
22 March-4 April
Amy Boucher Pye

Lifted by the Psalms
5-18 April
Chris Leonard

Ephesians: growing up
19-30 April
Christine Platt

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About the contributors in this issue:

Sandra Wheatley remains as active as possible, despite the constraints of MS and a wheelchair. She enjoys an extensive prayer ministry and has mastered swimming and praying at the same time.

Katy Jack, a lawyer by trade, is a mother of three young boys and supports her husband’s ministry as chaplain in a boarding school. She loves netball and camping holidays.

Claire Musters is a freelance writer and editor, mum to two young children, pastor’s wife, worship leader and school governor. Claire’s writing focuses on marriage, parenting, worship, discipleship and issues facing women today.

Alie Teale has been a freelance writer and translator for almost 20 years. Her books include Barefoot in the Kitchen and A Spacious Place for BRF. She works at several jobs and is an active member of Watford Community Church.

Annie Kirke is an ordained pioneer priest in the Diocese of London. She trains and teaches on developing missional communities in London, discipling 20s and 30s, and inner healing prayer.

Jill Rattle is a former secondary head teacher and, for some years, was involved in selecting candidates for ordination training and for naval officer training. She now exercises a ministry to individuals seeking spiritual direction.

Jean Watson is a writer, spiritual director and trustee of a local counselling service. Her work has included teaching, editing and writing for children and adults, and her articles, stories and scripts have been published in books and magazines and used on radio and TV.

Bola Adamolekun is a huge fan of dark chocolate and speculative fiction. She loves playing badminton and dancing at her favourite club. She is also a writer, a potter and a Church of England ordinand.

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer, speaker and editor living in north London. She runs the Woman Alive book club and is writing her first book. An American by birth, she delights in all things British, especially her husband and children.

Chris Leonard lives in Surrey with her husband. With two children now married, she remains busy leading creative writing courses and holidays. Her 20th book was published in August 2013.

Christine Platt lives in New Zealand and travels regularly with teams to East Timor to support the church there in its courageous witness to war-ravaged people. She writes Bible studies and devotional notes in the Tetun language.

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