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The Editor writes

This year, the Day by Day with God theme is 'hope', to tie in with HOPE14 - and initiative in which churches have been working together, with words and actions, to spread the hope that Jesus gives. By exploring the hope we have as Christians, we become better able to share that hope with others. Over the coming four months, ask God to fill you with fresh hope that overflows into the lives of others. Ask him for courage to put your faith into words, as well as the insight to see where loving action is needed. As Peter reminds us, 'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect' (1 Peter 3:15).

For me, this is the last time I'll be introducing the notes. After ten years as editor of Day by Day with God, I am handing on the

Catherine Butcher

role. Writing these notes together with so many fantastic contributors over the past decade has meant we have shared our lives in a small way. I feel connected to each writer and to the many readers who take time to write to us at the BRF office. It has been a privilege to be part of your daily journey with Jesus.

The new editor of Day by Day with God is Ali Herbert - one of the contributors to this issue. I first met Ali at a women's conference run by Day by Day with God and Woman Alive. She is married to Nick, they have two children, and Ali works part-time as communications manager for her church in Twickenham. As we spent time together talking through the editor's tasks, it was an emotional moment for me to pray for Ali and hand on the baton.

Ali has already commissioned the January 2015 notes: do pray for her, asking God to give her wisdom as she seeks his guidance to set the themes for the series. She has graciously asked me to continue as a contributor, so you will be hearing from me again next November when I'll be looking at Nehemiah. My ongoing prayer for us all is that we would come closer to Jesus every day, strengthened by his love and equipped to spread the hope he gives us with the people we meet. Wouldn't it be amazing to be used by God in this coming year to bring lasting change to lives in our communities?

Catherine Butcher

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In this issue:

Chosen and transformed
1-6 September
Tracy Williamson

7-13 September
Sandra Wheatley

Hope and purpose
14-27 September
Mary Reid

Women in Acts
28 September-11 October
Rosemary Green

Living for the Lord in the real world
12-25 October
Margaret Killingray

26 October-8 November
Christine Platt

Remembering and forgetting
9-22 November
Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Peter: a man of hope
23 November-6 December
Ali Herbert

Advent: waiting for God
7-20 December
Alie Stibbe

Advent: a season of hope
21-31 December
Christina Rees

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About the contributors in this issue:

Tracy Williamson is an author and speaker working for a music and teaching ministry headed up by blind gospel singer Marilyn Baker. Tracy, who is deaf, shares a home with Marilyn. They travel the country giving concerts and leading conferences drawing people into wholeness through intimacy with God.

Sandra Wheatley lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and, despite the ongoing progression and challenges of MS, continues to enjoy swimming, praying, baking cakes and meeting with friends.

Mary Reid, now retired from teaching, publishing and editing, is actively involved, with her husband Gavin, in their local church and community. Rosemary Green has recently moved to Abingdon, the home of BRF. She has four adult offspring and 14 grandchildren.

Margaret Killingray is now almost fully retired. She writes occasionally for the London Institute for Contempo-rary Christianity and for Scripture Union. She is married to a retired history professor and has eight grandchil-dren.

Christine Platt's passion for writing started in Ivory Coast, West Africa, where she worked with The Navigators. She now lives in New Zealand and travels regularly to East Timor to support the church there. She is writing Bible resources in one of their languages (Tetun).

Jennifer Rees Larcombe runs Beauty from Ashes, an organisation that supports people adjusting to bereavement and trauma.

Ali Herbert is a freelance writer and musician and also works as Communications Manager for St Stephen's Church in Twickenham. She is married to Nick and they have two children.

Alie Stibbe has been a freelance writer and translator for almost 20 years. Her books for BRF include Barefoot in the Kitchen and A Spacious Place.

Christina Rees is a writer, broadcaster and consultant, and a member of the General Synod and Archbishops' Council of the Church of England. Christina speaks and preaches widely and works to promote the vision of a restored humanity in Christ.

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