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The Editor writes

Catherine ButcherWelcome to the May-August edition of Day by Day with God! I love this time of year, with spring turning into summer, the longer days and the warmth in the air.

The other reason I enjoy it is because it includes my birthday, and I do like to celebrate. Christians have a reputation (for the most part undeserved, in my experience) of being killjoys and boring, renouncing anything that might have an ounce of fun about it, but Jesus was anything but boring. He attended weddings and dinners and spoke often of the kingdom of heaven in terms of banqueting and feasting. In this edition of Day by Day with God, Michele Morrison takes a look at feasting and celebrating, and Amy Boucher Pye delves into the idea of sabbath and rest. These two elements, celebration and rest, are often inter­woven. If we made them our priorities, could we perhaps capture more of an inkling of heaven breaking into our lives.

Of course it is unrealistic to expect life to be like a party all the time, and Ann Warren guides us through the difficult issue of suffering and how God might comfort us, sustain us and speak to us through it.

Katy Jack and Rosemary Green study the lives of David and Joshua respectively, looking at their courageous leadership and flawed humanity. These characters shine out as being chosen by God and led clearly by the Holy Spirit, and in this season of Pentecost it is great to be reminded, by our new contributor Chine Mbubaegbu, of the power and wisdom of the third person of the Trinity as experienced by the early followers of Jesus. It is exciting to see what was happening in the explosive church of 2000 years ago and to remember that it is the same Jesus, the same God, the same Spirit and the same power that live in us today.

As we start with our study of David, Katy writes:

David's life story is an epic adventure, full of suspense, intrigue, glorious highs and crashing lows. It is also thrilling to see so many glimpses of Jesus Christ in these Old Testament pages. David is, in theological language, a 'type' of Christ - but he is only a type, not the full reality. David was a good king, perhaps the best king Israel ever knew. He was often brave, faithful, selfless, gracious and humble. But he was far from perfect. In his lifetime he was also weak, faithless, violent and sinful.

It is only when we look at Jesus that we see the perfect promised king, whose throne will last for ever. I pray that, as you study David's life, your vision of Jesus will enlarge, so that you are caused to stop and praise Jesus for being the true and everlasting king.

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In this issue:

David's life: the dramatic story
1-14 May
Katy Jack

Pentecost: filled up and sent out
15-28 May
Chine Mbubaegbu

The gospel of grace
29 May-4 June
Sandra Wheatley

The ministry of Jesus
5-18 June
Alison Teale

Joshua, strong and courageous
19 June-2 July
Rosemary Green

Growing through suffering
3-16 July
Ann Warren

The Lord's Prayer
17-23 July
Ali Herbert

A time to feast
24 July-6 August
Michele Morrison

A time to rest
7-20 August
Amy Boucher Pye

In the beginning
21-31 August
Bex Lewis

About the contributors in this issue:

Katy Jack is a minister's wife and mother of three young boys. A lawyer by trade, she put that on hold to care for her sons and support her husband's ministry as chaplain in a boarding school. She loves sport (especially netball), reading the Bible with students, catching up with friends and camping.

Chine Mbubaegbu is director of communications at the Evangelical Alliance, a trustee of the Sophia Network, Church & Media Network & Christian Enquiry Agency, and author of Am I Beautiful?, a book exploring body image and faith among Christian women.

Sandra Wheatley remains as active as possible, despite the constraints of MS and a wheelchair. She enjoys an extensive prayer ministry and has mastered swimming and praying at the same time.

Alison Teale works as an administrator in tertiary education and has worked as a freelance writer and translator for 20 years.

Rosemary Green has four adult offspring and 14 grandchildren. She and her husband live in Abingdon, where she is mainly involved in ministry among seniors in her local church, as well as with four of her grandsons.

Ann Warren began her career in the BBC as producer and scriptwriter, subsequently training as a pastoral counsellor and llife coach. She was a regular Christian Viewpoint speaker and has written a number of books. Ann has three children and five grandchildren and lives in Oxford.

Ali Herbert is a freelance writer who also works part - time as a church communications manager. She is married to Nick and they have two children, Gracie and Josiah.

Michele D. Morrison is a passionate believer, excited by what God has done and is doing. A freelance writer, she is published frequently in Woman Alive and has written three books. She moved from California to Scotland when she married, and has four grown children.

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer, speaker and editor living in North London. She runs the Woman Alive book club and has written Finding Myself in Britain: Our search for faith, hope and true identity (Authentic, 2015).

Bex Lewis is originally from Sussex and is a cultural communications historian. She is author of Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion, 2014). She is passionate about helping people engage with the digital age in a positive way.

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