Pay an invoice or renewal

You can pay your invoice or renewal using the form below:

If you are paying multiple invoices or renewals, please enter all account numbers / invoice numbers that you wish to pay in the relevant boxes, and enter the full amount to pay before clicking Pay Invoice.

  1. Enter your account number

    Please enter your account number

  2. Enter your invoice number or select renewal

    Please enter your invoice number

  3. Enter the amount you are paying

    1. £  

    Please enter an amount

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    2. (about GiftAid)
    3. Gift Aid logoFor us to claim Gift Aid, you must be a UK taxpayer. By ticking this box, you are authorising BRF to claim back the tax on this donation and future donations until further notice (currently at the rate of 25p of tax on every £1 given).

      Please note that in any tax year (6 April - 5 April) you must pay an amount in Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the total tax reclaimed by charities on donations you give. Please note that other taxes (e.g. Council tax, Value added tax) do not qualify.

How to use this form

Please read the following notes carefully before using this payment form:

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