Sample readings from Day by Day with God - Rest (PDF Download)

Rooting women's lives in the Bible

Wendy Bray

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Wendy Bray writes:

Why are we so often reluctant to rest? Do the vaguely negative connotations that our achievement-oriented society attaches to the word make us think twice about downing tools and taking time out? Do 'rest home', 'rest room' and 'rest and recuperate' make us think of old age, weakness and infirmity instead of restoration and the very necessary recharging of batteries? Or has rest simply become something we collapse into, exhausted, rather than choosing to enjoy it?

God considers our rest to be essential. Genesis 2:2-3 suggests that rest is a vital component of his creative work, and throughout his word we witness him constantly encouraging rest for those he loves, for the sake of their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Rest was also an important Old Testament concept, signifying a time free from conflict and internal strife for a whole nation or community - something we often neglect in our focus on rest for individuals.

So, in this holiday season, we will take the next fortnight to consider the directive to rest - what it means to God and might mean to us, and the difference it can make to our walk with him.

More about Day by Day with God

Each day's reading in Day by Day with God provides a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, and a comment written by a regular team of contributors. The Bible text is explained and applied especially for women, by women who have themselves found the Bible a source of strength and inspiration for life.

A suggested daily prayer or meditation is included, and that plus the further readings to explore will help you connect the daily notes with your own spiritual journey as you seek to follow Jesus more closely.

Day by Day with God is commissioned and edited by Catherine Butcher, and is published every four months - in January, May and September.

Day by Day with God is available in regular print and an iPhone & iPad App.

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Wendy Bray was, until recently, a full-time writer and speaker. However, for the time being, most of her writing is in essay form, as she is currently an ordinand in training for Anglican ministry. Wendy is married to Richard and has two adult children.


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  • Published: 01 May 2013
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