Day by Day with God September to December 2010

Rooting women's lives in the Bible

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Day by Day with God are Bible reading notes specifically written for women. All the contributors are women and write from a woman's perspective. The entries for each day contain a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, a helpful comment that engages heart and mind and a short reflection or prayer. The regular team of contributors are all excellent writers. Whatever your current situation in life, you will be inspired and encouraged by these notes.

Published every four months (in January, May and September) and edited by Catherine Butcher.

In this issue:

Anticipating heaven
Catherine Butcher
1-11 September

The Bible's seven basic plots
Jean Watson
12-25 September

Encouragement from Gideon
Anne Coomes
26 September-9 October

An imperfect world
Celia Bowring
10-23 October

Learning from Jonah
Mary Rimmer
24 October-6 November

Practical Christian living: the letter of James
Liz Holden
7-20 November

Elaine Pountney
21 November-4 December

The Psalms
Wendy Bray
5-18 December

Drawing closer to Jesus
Sandra Wheatley
19-31 December

Contributors in this issue:

Catherine Butcher edits the Mothers' Union magazines Families First and Families Worldwide and has edited Day by Day with God since 2003. She and her husband Adrian have two teenage children and live in Sussex.

Jean Watson is a writer, a spiritual director and a director of a local counselling service. Her work has included teaching, editing and writing for different age groups and media - books, magazines, radio and TV.

Anne Coomes edits a resource website for church magazine editors: She is also editor of the inhouse magazine for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (UK).

Celia Bowring and husband Lyndon have three children and work with CARE - a charity that offers Christian insight on public policy issues and practical caring initiatives. Celia is CARE's Prayer Coordinator.

Mary Rimmer is a vicar's wife and mother of four. She is a regular New Wine seminar speaker, loves watching films and, due to a midlife crisis, has taken up windsurfing.

Liz Holden loves discipling younger women in her own church and in her travels with her husband, serving Newfrontiers churches worldwide. She is enjoying life as a grandmother to five girls.

Elaine Pountney trains leaders and teachers in several African countries in 'Reclaiming the wonder of sexuality'. She also speaks at retreats, creates interactive i-chats with her grandchildren, and is wrestling with the intricacies of gluten-free cooking for three family members.

Wendy Bray is a freelance writer and speaker, addressing audiences across the UK. She has a special interest in seeing women grow and live in the true confidence that God offers them.

Sandra Wheatley trained as a nurse and enjoyed every aspect of caring for others. Though no longer able to work, due to MS, she lives a full life through an extensive prayer and email ministry.

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Quotes from readers of Day by Day with God:

'I find it great to start the day with Day by Day with God. It focuses me on Him and gets me into reading His Word to us, so in a sense this is setting me up for the day that lies ahead - so bless your writers for that. I also find that the meditations and thoughts are often very affirming of what God is speaking to me about.'

'I love this little book and order six copies to distribute amongst friends...'

'I have taken the notes since the first issue and they are excellent.'

'Thank you for Day by Day with God. It's so good to read other Christian women's stories and to be inspired by them in our own walk of faith.'

'I find Day by Day with God excellent.'

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  • Published: 23 July 2010
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