Learning with Foundations21: Prayer

A seven-week course of study material for individuals and groups

Claire Musters

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This study resource provides seven weeks of material for group or individual use. Each week includes an overview session with shorter follow-up sessions through the week, encouraging continuity between one meeting and the next, with questions and activities differentiated for different learning styles, and links to the Foundations21 website for those wishing to explore further.

  • Week 1: What is prayer?
  • Week 2: Prayer in the Bible
  • Week 3: Praying Jesus' way
  • Week 4: Ways in to prayer
  • Week 5: The discipline of prayer
  • Week 6: The power of prayer
  • Week 7: Praying with others

Claire Musters in conversation with BRF about Foundations21 and her new Bible study guides for home groups.

BRF: We have always been excited by the potential of Foundations21 to help churches and individuals grow in faith and discipleship. What were your first impressions of the website?

Claire: When I first looked at the site I was almost overwhelmed by the wealth of information within it. But then I took a closer look and found it to be incredibly well organised - and a great resource that every church should be tapping into!

It seems like a real adventure, when faced with the wall of doors, to pick one and then enter to explore the whole area. The introductory videos are a great starting point, and the idea of breaking down the subject matter into four different learning styles (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) is, frankly, brilliant.

After taking the Gospel Learning Style Quiz it was confirmed to me that I am a definite Matthew learner, and, to start with, I simply stuck to the 'safe' Matthew path. However, I found that by delving into the other sections, I learned different things about the same subject, gaining a whole new perspective. So it is well worth taking the time to explore the other learning paths too!

BRF: Your excitement with the site has led you to working with BRF to produce two new Bible study guides. Why did you want to do this?

Claire: I have run quite a few small groups over the years, and know how demanding it can be to find suitable study material (and material that is interactive so lends itself to others getting involved rather than being 'talked at'). At church we are always looking for ways to apply practically what we learn and study about together in our small groups and so, when BRF approached me about the possibility of developing these books, I jumped at the chance. I instantly saw how this series could make small group leaders' jobs much easier by providing some great key discipleship teaching and application. Each book provides seven weeks of thoughtful study - but with a twist (in fact several twists)! For example, there are short daily reflections group members can use after the meeting. I have also provided something for them to do at the weekend. The idea behind this is to get the group more engaged and focused through an interactive Saturday 'community' activity and on Sunday a reflection that is more personal. The books are also available as PDF downloads for anyone who wishes to study in this format. To find out more, visit: www. brfonline.org.uk/downloads/

BRF: How have you used the Foundations21 site in the books?

Claire: In the books I have drawn on all four pathways, to allow readers to enjoy the full range of approaches. In many of the studies the weekdays have material mostly taken from the Matthew and Mark sections of the website, while the weekends include more creative John-based ideas and Luke-based community activities. Throughout I have tried to include relevant video clips, songs and so on that can be found on the Foundations21 website. There are some brilliant clips by well-known teachers/speakers (I was amazed to see from how many the Foundations 21 team had managed to get contributions) as well as inspiring individuals you probably won't have heard of before.

BRF: Are the books just a presentation in book form of the Foundations21 online content?

Claire: No, not at all, they are much more. It was really fun to pull together material to create a resource for small groups that would aid discipleship and learning on one specific theme from Foundations21. Due to the nature of having a group meeting for the first entry of each week, and then shorter individual entries for people to work through on their own, the books were never going to be exact copies of the website. I drew on the material found there but totally re-organised it and also added a lot of my own thoughts and reflections, which came out of my using the website for myself.

What I hope is that people will not only find the books work as 'stand alone' study guides, which I am convinced they do, but that the books will also lead them to explore the website for themselves. There are many other elements on there, such as a prayer and reflection section as well as a resource for preachers and leaders. It's great - do have a look!

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Claire Musters writes for idea magazine, Woman Alive, Inspire and Flying for Life (Mission Aviation Fellowship) as well as a range of websites such as www.christian.co.uk, www.musicademy.co.uk and the Newfrontiers Social Action website jubilee-plus.org. She is a contributor to CWR's daily notes Inspiring Women Every Day and to BRF's Day by Day with God and Quiet Spaces, and is the author of Taking Your Spiritual Pulse (AMG Publishers, 2003).


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