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The Editor writes...

Welcome to this new collection of Bible reflections.

We hope you find much to interest and inspire you in these pagesm together with some nice surprises on the way.

Last summer, Channel 4 attracted a lot of positive attentionfor its series 'Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds'. Even the most sceptical reviewers were won over by the joyous effects of introducing nursery-school children to care-home residents and allowing friendships to blossom between them over the course of six weeks.

Already popular in the US, Canada and Japan, similar schemes are beginning to take root here too, but you don't always need a formal project to mix the ages so effectively. One of our contributors, Anne Townsend, writes about 'the gift of play', and her experience helping to lead herholiday clup: 'Three of us "nearly and over-80s" were team leaders. WE offered wisdom and experience. teenage "junior leaders" supported us. Not only were they highly mobile, but their hands could cut and shape in seconds - while arthritic fingers like mine took minutes. It wasn't "Do it my way!", "No, mine's better!" We pooled our resources and played together to build God's church of the future.'

What a hopeful vision of a community in which everyone, from the very young to the very old, has a place and a role, gifts to share and love to give.

God bless you

Eley McAinsh

In this issue:

The wisdom of trees
Martin and Margot Hodson

In remembrance of me
Katherine Hedderly

The gift of play
Anne Townsend

Friends for life
Roger Combes

About the contributors in this issue:

Martin Hodson is a plant scientist and environmental biologist. He is Operations Director for the John Ray Initiative (JRI), an organisation connecting environment, science and Christianity.

Margot Hodson is Rector of Wychert Vale Benefice (six churches) in Buckinghamshire, and was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. The Hodsons have published widely and have written several books including 'A Christian guide to environmental issues' (BRF, 2015). For more about the Hodsons, see their website

Katherine Hedderly is Associate Vicar at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London. She has developed the church's work on dementia, bringing together those with lived experience, healthcare practitioners and theologians. Before ordination, she worked in broadcasting for 20 years, including as head of development for an independant production company.

Anne Townsend is a former OMF missionary doctor in Thailand. She is a new contributor to BRF but has written a number of books including 'Faith Without Pretending' (Hodder, 1990) and was founding editor of 'Family' magazine. She is a psychotherapist and a (supposedly) retired priest in the Church of England.

Roger Combes lives in Crawley, West Sussex, with good views of planes taking off from Gatwick. After parish ministry in London, Cambridge and Hastings, he was Archdeacon of Horsham before retiring in 2014. He and his wife Christine have two daughters.

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