Bible Reflections for Older People

Bible Reflections for Older People

A daily companion to keep by your side

Written by older people for older people, these reflections are designed to bring hope, assurance and sustenance, reminding the reader of the presence and love of God. In each issue are 40 Bible reflections and prayer suggestions to use and revisit as often as is needed. In the central section, Debbie Thrower of BRF’s The Gift of Years ministry offers interviews and ideas to encourage and inspire.

Bible Reflections for Older People is commissioned and edited by 'Eley McAinsh, and is published every four months - in January, May and September.

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How to use these reflections

Perhaps you have always had a special daily time for reading the Bible and praying. But now, as you grow older, you are finding it more difficult to keep to a regular pattern or find it hard to concentrate. Or maybe you've never done this before. Whatever your situation, these Bible reflections aim to help you take a few moments to read God's word and pray, whenever you have time or feel that would be helpful.

Time with God

You may find it helpful to use these Bible reflections in the morning or last thing at night, or any time during the day. You could use them, as Debbie Thrower suggests, as a way of making 'an appointment to chat with God'. There are 40 daily Bible reflections here, grouped around four themes. Each one includes some verses from the Bible, a reflection to help you in your own thinking about God and a suggestion for prayer. The reflections aren't dated, so it doesn't matter if you don't want to read every day. The Bible verses are printed, but if you'd like to read from your own Bible, that's fine too.

Using these reflections

Take time to quieten yourself, becoming aware of God's presence, asking him to speak to you through the Bible and the reflection.

Read the Bible verses and the reflection:

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