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Can you remember a time when you suddenly knew you were a grown-up? Perhaps you were looking over your shoulder, waiting for an adult to arrive and take charge, and realised they weren't coming - because the adult was you. Jill remembers an occasion having a drink with friends: one was involved in appointing a vice-chancellor, another in appointing a bishop and a third in selecting naval officers, and she thought to herself, 'Oh, goodness, we really are the grown-ups now!'

Being a grown-up brings responsibilities and the need for wisdom to fulfil them. We sometimes call that wisdom 'maturity'. But what is the difference between ordinary personal or physical maturity and 'Christian' maturity? All Christians are called to spiritual maturity, and so this edition begins with Jennifer Rees Larcombe beautifully exploring what that means for us and how to reach it.

The theme of 'wisdom' or 'spiritual maturity' occurs again and again in our readings, whether they're about Joseph on his personal road from immaturity to wisdom through hard experience, or the fruits and gifts of the Spirit that mark the mature Christian, or the ageless wisdom of Solomon in his Proverbs.

We welcome a new writer, Helen Williams, who looks at the characteristics of mature friendship and challenges us to deepen our relationships with one another and with God. We also think through some of the worries that assail us as adults and how to deal with them. We face the high standards that Jesus sets us in the Beatitudes and chew over the 'meat of the word' found in Paul's letter to the Romans: no 'baby milk' there!

Finally we stand on some of the holiest ground in scripture and listen in on Jesus' amazing high-priestly prayer to his Father and his yearning for us all to be one with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What a privilege!

We pray that all of us, through these readings, will grow up a little more into spiritual maturity, to reflect better the life of Jesus in the power of the Spirit to the glory of God.

Ali Herbert and Jill Rattle

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In this issue:

Christian maturity
Jennifer Rees Larcombe
1 - 6 May

The life of Joseph
Alison Teale
7 - 20 May

The fruit of the Spirit
Rosemary Green
21 May - 3 June

The gifts of the Spirit
Henrietta Blyth
4 - 17 June

Helen Williams
18 June–1 July

Amy Boucher Pye
2 - 15 July

Dealing with worry
Bola Adamolekun
16 - 29 July

'Bless you': the Beatitudes
Bridget Plass
30 July - 5 August

The book of Proverbs
Ann Warren
6 - 19 August

Jesus' high priestly prayer
Sandra Wheatley
20 - 31 August

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About the contributors in this issue:

Jennifer Rees Larcombe runs Beauty from Ashes, an organisation that supports people adjusting to bereavement and trauma.

Alison Teale works as an administrator in tertiary education and has worked as a freelance writer and translator for 20 years.

Rosemary Green has four adult offspring and 14 grandchildren. She and her husband live in Abingdon, where she is involved mainly in ministry among Seniors in her local church.

Henrietta Blyth is a member of St Mary's, Bryanston Square, and a keen gardener, despite living in north-west London. She loves knitting and helping people to become who God created them to be. She works as the CEO of InterHealth World-wide, an international health charity.

Helen Williams has worked in music, education, management consultancy and administration, but today finds herself working mostly alongside her husband, an Anglican bishop, in all sorts of contexts. Since writing the notes in this issue, she intends to devote her time to her friends!

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer and speaker who lives in north London. She runs the Woman Alive book club and has written Finding Myself in Britain (Authentic, 2015) and The Living Cross (BRF, 2016). She blogs at

Bola Adamolekun is a huge fan of dark chocolate, speculative fiction and old buildings. She loves dancing with friends, trying to play badminton competitively and visiting her local library as often as she can. She is a writer and a potter. She is also a pioneer priest with the Church of England.

Bridget Plass trained as an actress and has also worked as a secondary school teacher, residential social worker and a facilitator of women's groups. With her husband Adrian she performs as a speaker and entertainer, and she has written three books for BRF. Bridget and Adrian have four children.

Ann Warren began her career in the BBC as a producer and scriptwriter, subsequently training as a pastoral counsellor and life coach. She was a regular Christian Viewpoint speaker and has written a number of books, including her personal story of healing, No Place to Belong (Moorley's Print & Publishing, 2014).

Sandra Wheatley remains as active as possible despite the constraints of MS and a wheelchair. She enjoys an extensive prayer ministry and has mastered swimming and praying at the same time.

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