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Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of Day by Day with God 2019! Whatever your experience of last year, with all its challenges and joys, the beginning of a new year is always a good time to stop and take stock personally, practically and spiritually, seeing where God has been at work in our lives and how he might be longing to transform us in these coming months.

In this issue, you will travel with us from winter to spring, which in itself is a picture of the transforming work of our wonderful God who draws us from death towards life in all its fullness. At the opening of the year, Rosemary Green reminds us of all the ways God is 'God of the new', inviting us to recommit ourselves to the walk of faith at the very start of the year - and to continue to refresh that commitment as we journey onwards. In the closing notes, we will enter in once again to the miraculous Easter story and the days following, as Sheila Jacobs explores the newness of resurrection life. Let's be expectant that we will all experience the renewal God has to offer.

We are thrilled to introduce Rachel Turner as one of our new writers. Rachel has worked as a family and children's pastor for many years, helping parents engage their children in a life of faith. She will be taking a lively look at the book of Numbers, catching a glimpse of God's heart and particularly looking at the challenges of how we might flourish in a season of dryness.

In the process of moving house last year, one of Jill's small worries was finding enough space on the road for the large removal lorry to park - in the heart of a busy city, parking spaces come at a premium! Making space for anything in our busy lives is often difficult, and making space for God is something many of us struggle with. And yet, nothing in our lives is more important than making space for him. We believe God is pleased that you have made the decision to create space 'day by day' to encounter him, to find him in his word, to hear what he wants to say to you. As 2019 begins, remember that because you are seeking him, you will definitely find him. That is his promise.

Jill Rattle and Ali Herbert

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In this issue:

Rosemary Green
1-12 January

A woodland walk
Helen Williams
13-26 January

The delight of Numbers
Rachel Turner
27 January-9 February

Overwhelmed: anxiety, fear and insecurity
Ann Warren
10-16 February

Living in relationship: Ephesians
Tania Vaughan
17 February-2 March

Prayer Songs
Victoria Byrne
3-16 March

The life of Joseph
Chine McDonald
17-30 March

Old Testament prayers
Amy Boucher Pye
31 March-13 April

Holy Week
Sandra Wheatley
14-20 April

Resurrection life
Sheila Jacobs
21-30 April

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About the contributors in this issue:

Rosemary Green has four adult offspring and 14 grandchildren. She and her husband live in Abingdon, where she is mainly involved in ministry among older people in her local church. Her book on prayer ministry, God's Catalyst, is published by the Christina Press. In Touch with God was written with her husband, Michael.

Helen Williams has worked in music, education, management consultancy and administration. She currently finds herself working mostly alongside her husband, an Anglican bishop, in some fabulously diverse contexts, while continuing to work as an accompanist.

Rachel Turner is the Parenting for Faith Pioneer at BRF. Over the past 15 years, she has worked across a variety of denominations as a children's, youth and family life pastor. She is the author of five books. See

Ann Warren began her career in the BBC as a producer and scriptwriter, subsequently training as a pastoral counsellor and life coach. She was a regular Christian Viewpoint speaker and has written a number of books including her personal story of healing in No Place to Belong.

Tania Vaughan is a ministerial student at Bristol Baptist College. She is passionate about teaching God's word and helping women deepen their relationship with God. She has written a number of online devotional studies and is the author of Let's Talk About Sex and Relationships,, a study for single Christian women.

Victoria Byrne is a pastor for seniors at her Twickenham church and loves encouraging others. She is currently co-writing a book of Indian recipes and life stories.

Chine McDonald is Head of Christian Influence and Engagement at World Vision UK, and a trustee of the Sophia Network, Church and Media Network, Greenbelt and Christians Against Poverty. She is a regular contributor to the BBC's Thought for the Day, Daily Service, Pause for Thought and Prayer for the Day.

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer and speaker who runs the Woman Alive book club. She's the author of the award-winning Finding Myself in Britain (Authentic, 2015) and The Living Cross (BRF, 2016). Find her at

Sandra Wheatley had a distinguished career in nursing, served as a missionary and was in full-time ministry before MS brought an enforced change and the emergence of a more contemplative life, called to prayer and intercession. She lives in north-east England.

Sheila Jacobs is a writer, editor and award-winning author of eleven novels, including Watchers (2003/2009). She has also written nonfiction. Her latest book is To Live Again (DLT, 2017). She lives in north Essex, attends an Elim church where she is currently serving as a deacon, and is also a day chaplain at a retreat centre.

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