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Sample readings from Day by Day with God - Rest (PDF Download)

Sample readings from Day by Day with God - Rest (PDF Download)

Rooting women's lives in the Bible Wendy Bray £0.00

Sample readings written by Wendy Bray on Rest.

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Sample readings from Day by Day with God - Psalms hymns & spiritual songs Sue Rinaldi (PDF Download)

Sample readings written by Sue Rinaldi on Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

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From the May to August 2010 issue:

The Bible as literature - download readings (PDF)
The timeless truths of God and his salvation are rooted in historical particularity. Written over 1500 years in cultures, places and times vastly different from our own, the Bible is a library. It contains history and story, biography and testimony, poetry and proverbs, lists and letters, law and lament. If we want to dig deep and discover the wonders of scripture, we have to consider the original context of the writing, including the type of literature it is and how the words would have been understood by the original hearers or readers. Then we need to ponder how they might apply to us. In this sample, we will be exploring the different types of literature in this amazing, life-transforming word of God. May we recognise afresh that 'every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful...

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