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The Upper Room: Daily meditations from around the world

The Upper Room has a worldwide readership of some three million, and is unique in that all the meditations are written by readers of The Upper Room, who seek to share the insights of their faith with others, thus providing a personal take on each passage and a different style each day. Each daily meditation includes a recommended Bible reading and a key verse (you will need a Bible), reflection and prayer, and questions are included for personal or group reflection and study.

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New Daylight: Bible readings for your walk with God

New Daylight covers a varied selection of Old and New Testament, biblical themes, characters and seasonal readings. Each day offers a short Bible passage (text included), thought-provoking comment and a prayer or point for reflection, and aims to give a fresh, devotional approach to Bible reading. New Daylight is ideal for anyone wanting an accessible yet stimulating aid to spending time with God each day, deepening their faith and their knowledge of scripture.

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Quiet Spaces: The BRF prayer and spirituality journal

Time to wonder, to be, to feel, to explore; a pausing point, a breathing space. A new way to deepen and develop your quiet spaces of spiritual reflection.

Published three times a year in January, May and September, Quiet Spaces provides a regular flow of inspiration for your spiritual journey that can be dipped into over and over again. Each edition reflects on a theme, offering a wealth of thought-provoking comment, and is ideal to use alongside other Bible reading resources to deepen your relationship with God.

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