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From Academics:

This regular reading of the Bible anchors my spiritual life. The Bible Reading Fellowship has consistently enabled me to hear God's word and I would not be without their help. I am deeply grateful to their editors and writers over many years.
Very Rev Professor Iain Torrance, President of Princeton Theological Seminary

I find Guidelines a very useful resource for my personal devotions. The combination of an academic consideration of the text with practical comments on issues of faith and discipleship provides me me with helpful encouragement, stimulation and challenge at the start of the day.
Revd Dr Christopher Blake, Principal, Cliff College, Derbyshire

From Readers:

Catherine Wagstaff writes...

I have used 'Guidelines' for many years now and the Bible study notes have never failed to stimulate and challenge my thinking. The contributions from the wide variety of writers help me either to widen my theological perspective on a theme (the recent notes on money and economics being an excellent example), to look more deeply into a portion of scripture or to examine what the Bible has to say about particular themes relating to our calling as followers of Christ. My love of the Psalms in particular has been reinvigorated over the past months by a regular 'dip' into the book! As a local preacher in the Methodist Church I pray that the consequent increase in my understanding in turn benefits the congregations for whom I lead worship. For those seeking in-depth study which is at once creative, challenging and knowledge enhancing I could not recommend Guidelines highly enough.

Jenny Sagi writes...

I've been using the Guidelines for the past 5 years, after trying various other schemes. I am a Reader in the Church of England and appreciate the balance of theology, personal experience and spirituality. I have kept all the copies and often refer to them when I'm preparing a sermon. As can be expected, I have some favourite writers and have contacted the website a couple of times to find out what else they have written. I particularly appreciate that I can order and pay for it online.

Priscilla Diggle writes...

I started reading Guidelines 18 years ago. I remembered my mother having Bible Reading Fellowship notes many years ago (during WW2).

I chose Guidelines because I wanted to learn more and to think for myself. Over the years, some contributors have lit up the world for me and occasionally one has irritated me and I have had to work hard to appreciate the viewpoint but overall I have learned, and have valued the work the diverse team of writers put in to make the notes informative and helpful.

So, each morning, I go back to bed with a cup of tea and my Bible to see what Guidelines has got for me today.

Ginny Gotla writes...

Just to say I find the notes very thought-provoking and challenging. They provide new insights into familiar passages. I would find a lead into ideas for prayer quite useful at the end of each day.

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