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Want to find out who the average reader for our Bible reading notes is? Read below, and see where you can find yourself. You can easily skip from one to the next using the Next / Previous links.

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I'm your average New Daylight reader... Next

Church has been part of my life for a number of years, and I feel like I've got to know the Bible fairly well during that time; yet I also know that each day I need a little reminder about life, God and everything - something to give an anchor for my day. I use New Daylight for a few minutes each morning and find that it provides a little bit of everything - teaching and instruction, inspiration and encouragement - alongside thoughtful comments. It's enough to give me a spiritual top-up and get me thinking about what I've read.

There's a range of regular writers (I get on with some better than others...), and it's good to hear different perspectives and insights from people in different life circumstances.

Each reading ends with a final prayer or reflection, and this helps me to come to God with the needs of the day.

The phrase on the cover, 'Bible readings for your walk with God', sums it up nicely - these are readings for people like me who are wanting to know God walking alongside in each day, whatever it brings.

I'm your average Upper Room reader... Previous Next

I don't think I've had an easy time as a Christian - both health and family circumstances have been tough recently, and there are days when it is really hard to keep going. One of the most important lessons I've had to keep learning, and where The Upper Room has helped, is in reminding me that whatever the situation, I'm not the only one.

In reading The Upper Room, I find comfort in reading comments from people all over the world who are ordinary Christians like me and have known times both of great rejoicing and of suffering, of feeling close to God and distant from him. I have found The Upper Room to be an inspiring companion to life - one that gives dignity to my situation and helps me to not be overly absorbed in it, but to remain open to others and stand alongside them as those in The Upper Room have stood alongside me.

I'm your average Guidelines reader... Previous Next

I guess I'm fairly systematic in my approach to life. Before investing time in something, I appreciate being able to see in advance exactly what material will be covered and what I'll get out of it. I also know that knowledge in the head needs to be applied in the heart - perhaps one of the biggest challenges to my discipleship!

I appreciate the way that Guidelines takes me through whole books of the Bible and draws me deeper in to the text. I welcome the balance between Old Testament, New Testament and thematic studies, and the thematic studies are helping in grounding my studies in a very 'real world' setting that makes me look differently at the world around. I recently worked through 'The Bible and politics', and 'Encountering people of other faiths' is coming up in September.

I'm your average Day by Day with God reader... Previous Next

I've been reading Day by Day with God for a couple of years now and (strive to) read it each morning as part of my Quiet Time. I say 'strive to' because life seems to be that way... with lots going on with family and children to organise, finding time for Bible reading seems challenging.

When I do find the time (make the time?), though, it's always worth it. Day by Day with God invariably proves refreshing and challenging insights that make me take a step back from the busyness of life, as well as helping me to see my own life with a biblical perspective. There are days when it seems to have been written just for me and goes right to my core. I feel that I have a connection to the writers - these are women of faith who I have learnt with, shared joys and sorrows with and prayed with.

I'm your average Upper Room reader... Previous Next

I've been a Christian for pretty much all of my adult life, and earlier on in my life I spent a few years working with a mission team overseas. I suppose it's the international flavour of The Upper Room that drew me to it in the first place.

In The Upper Room there's a constant reminder of the international nature of the Church - that we are brothers and sisters together in Christ, and that there are people from the US to Malaysia who can share together in this journey.

I'm your average Guidelines reader... Previous Next

I've been involved in church ministry in one form or another for a while now, and over the years I've done odd bits of preaching and leading. I've enjoyed helping to lead a Bible study group for several years. I've used Guidelines on a daily basis for a while and have found it to be a faithful companion in helping me to plumb the depths of scripture. I always keep my notes when I finish them and keep them on the shelf - they're a great first port of call when preparing a talk or getting a handle on a passage to discuss.

I'm your average New Daylight reader... Previous Next

I first came across New Daylight when our vicar at the time introduced it about 15 years ago, and I've stuck with it since then. I find it a helpful tool in my daily devotions, helping to keep me on track and thinking about my faith.

I think it is important to hear from people with different perspectives, so despite sometimes finding some passages and comments not easy, New Daylight remains stimulating and interesting. I have grown with New Daylight and become more tolerant of others.

I really like the format - having the Bible passage printed within the book means it's not too heavy to carry around and I can easily take it when travelling. Also, the mix of Bible books and topics helps me both to deepen my understanding and to make links across Bible books... as well as encouraging me to read parts of the Bible I might not otherwise read.

I'm your average Day by Day with God reader... Previous

I started using Day by Day with God soon after university because I came to realise that without friends nearby and studies together, I tended to slip in my routine. Since then, these daily notes have helped me to keep the pattern (more or less) of daily Bible reading.

I sometimes found in the past that Bible passages didn't move me, that I could read the Bible without it hitting home. Since reading Day by Day with God, I've been challenged to follow Jesus more closely and helped to see more clearly who he is and how big he is. The writers seem to know me well enough to be able to hold me to a higher standard, and although it's been challenging at times, I feel like the writers have been alongside me through the process - that I've been refined and changed.

I've also found it to be true that spending more time with the reading is worth it; I appreciate the extra suggestions for linked passages to read and am glad to say that I think I'm getting to know the Bible as a whole better.

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