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We don't publish Bible reading resources specifically for men, so do browse this site to find the best resources for you. However, we do find that men tend to prefer some resources over others. If you want to find out more about what our average readers are like, visit the Help me choose page.

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Guidelines: Bible study for today's ministry and mission

Guidelines is a unique Bible reading resource that offers four months of in-depth study, drawing on insights of current scholarship. Its intention is to enable all its readers to interpret and apply biblical text with confidence in today's world - and especially to help readers meeting the challenges of mission and disciple-building. Guidelines provides a structured approach to Bible study, with a balance between Old Testament, New Testament and thematic studies, and the weekly units provide flexibility of study as time allows.

One of our 'average readers' of Guidelines writes:

'I guess I'm fairly systematic in my approach to life. Before investing time in something, I appreciate being able to see in advance exactly what material will be covered and what I'll get out of it. I also know that knowledge in the head needs to be applied in the heart - perhaps one of the biggest challenges to my discipleship!'

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New Daylight: Bible readings for your walk with God

Each issue of New Daylight provides four months of daily Bible readings and comment, with a regular team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds. New Daylight covers a varied selection of Old and New Testament, biblical themes, characters and seasonal readings.

Each day offers a short Bible passage (text included), thought-provoking comment and a prayer or point for reflection, and aims to give a fresh, devotional approach to Bible reading.

One of our 'average readers' of New Daylight writes:

'I first came across New Daylight when our vicar at the time introduced it about 15 years ago, and I've stuck with it since then. I find it a helpful tool in my daily devotions, helping to keep me on track and thinking about my faith.

'I think it is important to hear from people with different perspectives, so despite sometimes finding some passages and comments not easy, New Daylight remains stimulating and interesting. I have grown with New Daylight and become more tolerant of others.'

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