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Wendy Beale writes...

I started reading New Daylight approximately 5 years ago. It was introduced to me as part of my Confirmation preparation. I found it interesting as I had not read anything similar in the past. What I particularly liked, and still do, was the short Bible passages that linked to a passage relating to everyday life of the passage author. It has continued to help me discipline myself into undertaking a daily Bible reading pattern! I make sure that I read it every day, so I take it on holiday, work trips - everywhere!

I would fully recommend this great little book to anyone that wants to dip in and out of the Bible.

Marna Blundy writes...

We have been reading New Daylight for many years. We appreciate its ease of use - passage printed, so no need to have a Bible alongside the notes - and themed topics giving variety and interest. With limited time, the daily content gives us something to think about and focus on in the day, without getting bogged down in too much text! Even after years of use, we have not tired of the format - the content is always fresh and relevant.

Kathleen Eaton writes...

I have been using New Daylight for many years now and it has helped me tremendously in my walk with God and discovering more about the Bible. Sometimes I have learnt things that I did not know before, sometimes I have learnt things that I did not understand before.

I have got to say that my favourite contributor is Adrian Plass; having actually met him at one of his evenings where he was the special guest and had him sign his book for me was one of the highlights of my life. He brings the Bible to life in the most delightful way. However, I think that all the writers in their own ways give a great deal of thought to the passages they are attempting to explain, with very good results, in my opinion. I just love the way the New Daylight is put together and very much enjoy reading it every day.

Roger Elkins writes...

I first came to New Daylight I think some 20 years ago when I needed Bible reading notes for a congregation not used to coming together to read the Bible, they seemed only to hear it on Sundays and other special church days in the context of formal worship. I believe that St Andrew's Bookshop recommended New Daylight.

I provided copies for a while and then the congregation decided that they would buy their own individual copies and form a monthly reading group.

Now semi-retired I still find Daylight an invaluable resource in my personal daily devotions and often use the days' text in services or presentations that I might be involved in. The contributors offer a varied and wide ranging viewpoint and although sometimes agreeing with them is not easy, their views are always stimulating.

I look forward to many more years of New Daylight and pray for the continued work of all branches of BRF. May God bless and guide all involved.

Gordon Shergold writes...

We like the New Daylight notes because, being ecumenical we get the views of contributors of all denominations and together with the articles from members of the BRF team it helps us to understand what are very often very difficult Bible passages. My wife and I study these notes together and we recommend them with confidence.

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