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We have a range of resources that cover whole books of the Bible, to a variety of extents (do see the At a glance page to compare our notes).

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Guidelines: Bible study for today's ministry and mission

Guidelines is a unique Bible reading resource that offers four months of in-depth study, drawing on insights of current scholarship. The studies in Guidelines are arranged so that within each issue approximately a third of the time is spent on books in the New Testmanent, a third is spent on Old Testament books, and a third is thematic content with appropriate passages drawn from the whole of the Bible.

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The People's Bible Commentary: A devotional commentary for study and preaching

The People's Bible Commentary covers the whole Bible with an approach that presents scholarly insights in straightforward terms, aiming to instruct the head and also to warm the heart, and pointing to how the truths received can be applied personally.

It is a valuable resource for all who regularly preach scripture, for those wanting to venture deeper into personal Bible reading, and for study group leaders.

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