About the Editor

The UK edition of The Upper Room is edited by Susan Hibbins. The US publisher is Sarah Wilke, and the World Editor is Lynne M. Deming.

Susan Hibbins

About the Editor

Susan Hibbins worked in Christian publishing for 15 years, at the Methodist Publishing House, and was for 14 years the editor of the annual Christian Companion, an anthology of Christian writing.

She is now a freelance writer, editor and proofreader. Previously she worked for a press relations company, writing press releases and articles, and also spent some time in local newspaper journalism. She is the secretary of a choir of 40 people and also enjoys the theatre, concerts and reading. She and her husband love visiting the West Country and would love to live there one day!

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How long have you been editing the Upper Room?

Since 2004, when The Upper Room was published by the Methodist Publishing House (MPH) in Peterborough.

How did you come to be editing the Upper Room?

I took over from the previous editor, Brian Thornton, when he retired from MPH. I had already stood in as editor for him during the year when he was Vice-President of the Methodist Conference in 1998-99, and when he left I took it over again. When MPH ceased to publish The Upper Room in 2008, I was most pleased when BRF became the UK publisher of the magazine, and that I was asked to remain as the editor.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

I would say that it is to encourage readers in their faith, and also to reach as many people as possible. Many are on the margins of faith, seeking to find something that is relevant to their lives, where they are today. The Upper Room is, I think, unique in that its readers are also its writers, and the meditations highlight experiences, joys and sorrows with which other people can identify.

I am also keen to encourage writers to send in their meditations, and I want to increase the numbers of UK writers in the magazine.

What has been the most encouraging part of your work?

It is always encouraging, and often moving, to receive letters from readers for whom The Upper Room has provided encouragement at a difficult time in their lives. Probably the most moving letters have come from people who use the magazine in such settings as prisons and hospitals, where hope and faith have been at a very low ebb. We once received a letter from a prison chaplain who told us of a prisoner on suicide watch. He had found a copy of The Upper Room in his cell, and later asked for a Bible to read alongside the magazine. He later came off suicide watch and used The Upper Room from then on. It shows me how important The Upper Room is to so many people.

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Books recommended by Susan Hibbins

Rhythms of Grace by Tony Horsfall

'I greatly enjoyed reading Rhythms of Grace. Tony Horsfall's message to those of us who are so busy that we hardly ever have time to sit still and simply be is a timely one. It also helps us to realise just how precious we are to God, and that though we may feel we don't measure up as Christians, God accepts and loves us as we are, and longs to deepen our relationship with him.'

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