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The Upper Room is a unique publication which has a worldwide readership of some three million, with over 70 different editions in 40 languages. Unlike most Bible Reading Notes, the readings and reflections in The Upper Room are written exclusively by the readers themselves who seek to share the insights of their faith with others.

Each day's reading contains a Bible passage to read (you will need to use a Bible), a reflection on the passage and prayer followed by a Thought for the Day and a suggested Prayer Focus for the day. There is also a set of small group questions provided each week to fuel discussions within your house group, with a prayer partner or just with friends in Church.

The Editor writes

In 2017 I had two knee replacement operations as a result of arthritis. It was a huge relief to have pain-free knees and to be able to walk easily again, but some weeks after the second operation I noticed that my new joint made a clunking sound when I walked. Though this is common, I mentioned it to the physiotherapist, who asked me to walk the length of the gym so that she could watch. Afterwards she said: 'You are walking as if you still have painful knees. You have become so used to compensating for the pain that you are still doing so; you need to learn to walk properly again.' When I corrected my posture and changed the way I walked, the clunking noise disappeared. Does this remind you of our spiritual lives? It is certainly like mine! We take our concerns to God, our worries and anxieties, planning to leave them all with him, but still we find it hard not to carry them away again. We ask his forgiveness for our anger or resentment or harsh words, and feel ourselves forgiven, yet we still hang on to our hurt feelings or our guilt. Sometimes we think back to previous years of our lives, to earlier decisions which we regret. If only we had our time over again, we say, we would do things very
Regret, resentment, unresolved guilt, looking back… all these things can affect our walk with God, holding us back from the new life which he longs to give us. We are so used to living with such feelings that they have become a part of us. Unconsciously, we are walking in the wrong way. In Isaiah 43:18-19 we read: 'Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?' (NIV). God wants us to move forward in him, free from old hurts that have caused us pain.
When I walk now, I remind myself to put my head up, square my shoulders properly and walk straight, and I am unencumbered by pain. May God grant that we can do the same as we walk in his way.
Susan Hibbins UK Editor
P.S. I am delighted to include in this issue the meditations by the winner, Sue Richards, and two runners-up, David Butterfield and Edna Hutchings, from BRF's Upper Room writing competition. You can read them on 27 September, 12 October and 21 October.
The Bible readings are selected with great care, and we urge you to include the suggested reading in your devotional time.

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