What others have said about The Upper Room

Sylvia Priddey writes...

I just want to thank you all for Upper Room Bible notes. I first came across it in our local Christian bookshop - and have not stopped praising the day I did. I love the varied stories and choice of Bible passages. I look forward to my quiet time with God each day, using these notes. They also guide and widen my prayer horizons. Thank you.

Angela Wilford writes...

I have been using The Upper Room Bible reading notes for over a year now and am very happy with them. There is something very special in being able to share the thoughts and experiences of other people from all over the world. It makes you realise how alike we all are and how, wherever we live, we all have similar joys to glory in and problems to contend with. Long may The Upper Room continue to be published.

Ian Baxter writes...

I have used The Upper Room for approximately five years and always found it inspiring, often relating to an individuals' writings and their ways of dealing with their particular anxieties helpful.

I am very happy with the current issues and would not like to change any of the format.

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